MONEY STYLE GUIDE by #fabpreneurMAG the Nurturer - Page 10

embracing your money style

he Nurturers often

share their financial resources in order to fulfill the calling to help and support others.

Unfortunately those acts of generosity often create co-dependent relationships and make it difficult to keep healthy boundaries with friends, family and clients.

You often give money away to the extent of jeopardizing your own financial situation, which in a long run leads to burn-out and resentment.

While it is true that many people may need your financial help, letting others treat you as an ATM is actually creating an opposite effect.

Try to find other ways to fulfill your desire to make world a better place for people you love. It may be through you empowering yourself with money first, and then teaching others how to do the same in a compassionate and nurturing way.



also known

as: the Caregiver, Caretaker