MONEY STYLE GUIDE by #fabpreneurMAG the Banker - Page 7

Letter from the editor

Money Styles are focused around the idea of archetypes, symbolic representations that were initially described by famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Jung, the father of modern psychology, observed that all people create their human experience by unconsciously following specific, repeatable patterns. He then described those patterns as

the archetypes, which are inborn, universal models that

help identify and interpret various human behaviors.

When it comes to money, we often keep unconsciously playing the 'same old, same old' tape with little money dramas here and there. Some of us never seem to have enough money, despite the fact that we try so hard to make ends meet. Others might consider themselves

great with money, but because of their over-attachment

to money matters they keep themselves from enjoying life.

There are eight predominant Money Styles, each of them based on corresponding Jung's archetype. Each Money Style is a symbolic metaphor that will help you understand the unconscious patterns and habits that influence your current financial situation. This fabulous Money Style Guide was created to elegantly lead you through the process of identifying where you are with your money right now,

so that you can become aware of it and take inspired action in the areas you need to grow in.

As fabulous women entrepreneurs we must

recognize the importance of becoming

financially empowered. Therefore, I now

place in your hands this Money Style

Guide, which was designed to help you

make the first step towards your

personal financial bliss.

Paulina Her