MONEY STYLE GUIDE by #fabpreneurMAG the Banker - Page 5

Table of Contents & Instructions:

2-3: Your Mission

Unique statement that symbolizes your life's mission

and motivates you to take inspired action towards empowering yourself financially. Read and meditate upon it, transfer that statement into your journal, or have it written in other visible place as a gentle reminder.

4-5: How to make the most

of your Money Style Guide?

6-7: Letter from the Editor

8-9: If Your Money Style Is...

Unique characteristics of your Money Style

10-11: Embracing Your Money


12-13: Empowering Word Bank

Powerful words that are energetically aligned with your unique Money Style. Using them

in your marketing and daily affirmations will help you

achieve harmony and

balance in life & business.

14: Your Money Talents

Take advantage of your

money talents and apply

them in the process of

building your financial


15: Your Money Challenges

The areas of your financial situation and unconscious habits you need to pay attention to in order to grow

16-17: Money Mantra

Empowering statement that shifts your energy and focus towards fulfilling your deepest desires. Use whenever you feel down or impatient about your money progress. Print it out or transfer to your journal, so that

it is within your reach whenever needed.

18-19: Next Step - Declutter

Your Money Checklist

20-21: Bonus - Resources for

your Money Style