MONEY STYLE GUIDE by #fabpreneurMAG the Banker - Page 19

There is a deep connection between clutter and money. Simply stated, how you do money is how you do everything. Money doesn't like clutter, it needs to be respected and organized. Money clutter generates chaotic and confusing energy which impacts your life and business.

Take the first step towards empowering your money habits by taking care of your money clutter. Below you'll find a checklist, which will show you small, simple actions that you can take right away to initiate positive financial change in your life.

5. Upgrade Your Wallet

If you want an upgrade in the financial area of your life, start with your wallet! Clean up old recipes, unused / expired credit cards and gift cards. If your wallet is old and shabby looking, replace it immediately. You can write down your Money Mantra and place it in the picture slot, so every time you pay for something, you can remind yourself about your money goal.

1. Organize Your Bills

Those unopened bills laying around the house are not going to take care of themselves. Start forming positive money habits by finding ONE place your unpaid bills will go to. It can be a file folder, big envelope, a drawer or a binder. What matters is that your bills are neat and tidy in an organized place. You don't have to look at them just yet, simply gather them in one place. You will take care of them on your Money Date (coming next).


Decluttering Your Money CHECKLIST