MONEY STYLE GUIDE by #fabpreneurMAG the Banker - Page 18

2. The Money Date

Make it a priority to spend some quality time with your money each week. During those regular money dates sit down with your bills, bank and credit card statements and really read carefully through them. Pay your bills, make bank transfers, anything that has to do with transactions needs to be done on the date. If there is a cash-flow issue and you are not able to pay some bills, make a plan and schedule the payment next week. This is also a time to revise your debt management strategy.

3. Monetize Your Clutter

Isn't it time to get rid of some of your possessions? Unused clothing, shoes, electronics, cd's and all kind of junk which could be somebody's treasure. Things capture energy, and unused things make the energy stale and repel anything new from entering your life, including new opportunities to create money. Gather all of the things that no longer serve you and sell them on yard sale, eBay or Craig list, unsold items donate to charity.

4. Loose Money, Loose Boundaries

Tighten your boundaries with money by gathering up all of your loose change from around the house and cashing those unused gift certificates and cards you've totally forgotten about. Check your car, your handbag and your sofa. To set firm boundaries around money you need to know where your money is... to the last penny. Pay attention to your money habits and keep loose change in one place.