MONEY STYLE GUIDE by #fabpreneurMAG the Banker | Page 10

embracing your money style

he Bankers treat

money like their best friend.

Taking care of your money comes to you naturally, you understand the importance of paying close attention to your spending habits and you take pleasure in watching your savings grow.

On the other side you might be constantly worrying about lack of money, being a control-freak about spending even small amounts of it, which can lead to stress, anxiety and wasting your precious time on financial micro-management.

Aversion to spending and investing can limit your opportunities for personal and financial growth. Remember that money is energy and it needs to flow in order to create good in this world, hoarding it can hold you from achieving your fullest potential. Trust your money talents and use them wisely to create greater wealth and impact.



also known

as: the Accumulator, Guardian