Monarch Beach Resort Moments Magazine Issue 7 - Page 36

A physical at Monarch Beach Golf Links acts as a doctor’s appointment for your game. BY JUDD SPICER on’t just get serious about your golf game—get physical. A golf physical session at Monarch Beach Golf Links provides any driven player with a thorough assessment of his or her swing, equipment, conditioning and mental approach. Think of it like a doctor’s visit (but with Titleists in lieu of thermome- ters): A one-on-one, 90-minute session looks at the health of your game and approach to golf, followed by suggestions for more finite instruction and a referral program that connects you to some of the area’s top health and wellness experts. “Just like going to get a checkup, a doctor performs a physical to look at multiple things to ensure your general health,” says Eric Lohman, PGA, general manager at Monarch Beach Golf Links. “This is me checking your golf game’s general health to make sure everything is OK. It’s giving your game a 360-degree perspective.” THE DOCTOR IS IN Lohman came up with the concept of the golf physical four years ago. “It began from me watching people internally struggle with what they needed to work on,” Lohman says. “So, it dawned on me that we could do a broader approach to an assessment and then come up with two or three things to really work on. And then to also look at things like proper club fitting and physical abilities, such as flexibility.” 36 MONARCHBEACHRESORT.COM