Monarch Beach Resort Moments Magazine Issue 6 - Page 38

SEAWORLD SAN DIEGO CraZanity at Six Flags seconds before sending them down the steepest drop in California his- tory. With five inversions (one being the second negative-G stall loop in the entire Western Hemisphere), guests can experience a feeling of weightlessness not found on most coasters. The ride is even better at night, when chase lighting moves with the train car as it travels along the track. Always ones for innovation, the showrunners at Knott’s were also the first to develop corkscrew inversion (used in the aptly named Corkscrew ride) in 1975 and the first to create a flywheel launch coaster with Montezooma’s Revenge three years later. Last year marked another first for the amusement park: VR Showdown in Ghost Town offers a permanent, free-roaming virtual reality experience that allows players to interact with one another as well as the simulated world around them. LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA 38 MONARCHBEACHRESORT.COM characters is venturing out through the beginning of September as part of the new Sesame Street Party Parade, featuring 10 themed floats, famous characters like Elmo and Big Bird, and special moments that stop the parade for performances such as jumping rope, hula hooping and guitar playing. SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN Thrill-seekers should head straight for Six Flags, an amusement park that certainly wasn’t built for the faint of heart. The rides here are bigger and better than anywhere else in Southern California, and the park recently launched an initiative to keep the gates open every day of the year. With more than 15 large-scale roller coasters, as well as an assortment of rides aimed at kids and families, daredevils and little ones can have simultaneous adventures in this Valencia-based park. Perhaps most important to note is the upcoming opening of CraZanity at Six Flags’ new boardwalk-themed area. This summer, the pendulum ride, which moves back and forth while rotating and gaining height with each swing, will entertain visitors at speeds of up to 75 mph. The ride will offer a feeling of weightlessness that appeals to thrill-seekers near and far. “With the addition of CraZanity at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the park will go to an extreme level with another record-breaking element: Lego City Deep Sea Adventure will take visitors on a submarine ride. ES Children will be enamored with all of the changes taking place at San Diego’s Legoland park this year. At the begin- ning of 2018, the amusement park’s Lego Show Place Theater launched a new 4-D movie experience called “Lego Ninjago – Master of the 4th Dimension,” where children are wel- come to join Master Wu in the on-site dojo for an interactive training session. Another expansion will be revealed this summer with the launch of a new water-based ride, Lego City Deep Sea Adventure. This submarine ride will escort visitors down below on a voy- age to a sunken ship, offering views of colorful octopi and scuba divers, both made out of Legos, in addition to 2,000 real sea creatures like tropical fish, stingrays and exotic sharks. Last summer, this marine-themed park opened Ocean Explorer, a kid- friendly land focused on deep-sea discovery. Despite the addition of five new rides, which are aimed at children and reminiscent of classic carnival rides, the attraction that has parkgoers buzzing is the Electric Eel roller coaster. This coaster, which is the tallest and fastest in San Diego County, opened in May, inviting guests to experience what it’s like to twist and flip like an eel swimming through the ocean. Accelerating to more than 60 mph in mere seconds, this new thrill ride electrifies riders with multiple launch experiences throughout the course of the ride, a height of nearly 150 feet and a 360-degree heartline roll that comprises elevation changes to keep the riders’ hearts at roughly the same height throughout the ride. As part of the same expansion, the park also commenced Mission: Deep Discovery, a virtual adventure that has teams of one to four people explore the deep ocean. The excitement doesn’t end there, either, as a moray eel exhibit is located nearby, offering large windows perfect for viewing the animals in their underwater habitat. While the opening of its third roller coaster is a big deal, Electric Eel is not the only enhancement to the park. Though SeaWorld San Diego is already home to the Sesame Street Bay of Play, this slew of educational