Monarch Beach Resort Moments Magazine Issue 6 - Page 33

Home Port for Romance honors Doris Walker’s role as a historian. as it relates to them.” For this reason, the Roses tend to create sculptures that can become interactive. “Oftentimes, we make bronze benches for parks and librar- ies with a child sculpture sitting on it. We allow space on the bench for other children to sit down and become a part of the sculpture,” Austin says. Home Port for Romance by Christopher Pecharka at the Doris Walker Overlook in Dana Point Perched atop the overlook named in her honor, this sculpted tribute to Doris Walker is a playful take on chil- dren’s pop-up books: The oversized bronze book is splayed open to reveal a series of pictures representative of the local history, both human and natural. This is a fitting tribute for Walker, who became known as the keeper of Dana Point history after writing various books on the subject throughout the course of her career, the first of which was titled “Dana Point Harbor/Capistrano Bay: Home Port for Romance.” “It’s my favorite piece,” says Dana Point’s Arts & Culture Commissioner Karin Schnell. “Doris Walker was a great historian of the city, she wrote a lot of books about Dana Point and was truly instru- mental in getting the sculpture of R. H. Dana down in the harbor.” The entire tribute is a fascinat- ing history lesson as told by artist Christopher Pecharka. “On the left, you have The Pilgrim, the ship that R. H. Dana sailed in on back in 1835,” Pecharka explains. “Below that is a portrait of Dana himself, followed by an image of the mission at San Juan Capistrano. There’s also a depiction of an ox-cart. Before they discov- ered gold in California, our major export was leather, so the ox-cart is loaded with hides, which is how they got them from the mission in San Juan [Capistrano], where they did hide-curing, to the cliffs.” T his image segues into the right- hand side of the sculpture, where a sailor is depicted throwing a cattle hide off the cliff and down to the beach, where more sailors would gather them up, put them into long- boats and then row them out to The Pilgrim, which would typically be anchored roughly three miles off- shore. A nod to Dana Point’s natural and cultural history, the right-hand side of the sculpture also features a pelican, grey whale, female surfer and a lantern, the latter of which once ubiquitously lined the city’s streets. “Based on the one or two occa- sions in which I met her, I never got the impression that Walker was the type of person who would want a tribute to her,” Pecharka says. “… I thought she would want this tribute to be about the things that she was interested in and wrote about, hence the pop-up history book.” MURALS & MOSAICS Mosaic scenes of Dana Point by Lance Jost and Lubica Selecka, beneath the pedestrian bridge on Pacific Coast Highway, south of Del Obispo Street, Dana Point Comprising four hallmark images chosen to represent historical, natural and cultural aspects of Dana Point, these vibrant mosaics line the under- side of the pedestrian bridge near Doheny Park. Local artist Lance Jost got involved in 2008, when he heard in LINEAR 2008; money PARK that languished WILL for PAY about three years before TO the foun- HOMAGE tain HOBIE finally broke ground. ALTER Dana Point resident and architect Yvonne English under partnered with artist Currently construction Lance Jost a to stretch make Thomas’ en- along of Pacific dowment reality. The between local sea life Coast a Highway panels sheepshead, garibaldi, Del feature Obispo Street and the moonfish and jellyfish, all specific to San Juan Creek Trail, a new the linear Dana Point Once again, park coast. is underway, with Jost the employed cast-glass tech- intent the to help Dana Point nique he’d utilized the identity. Doheny reassert its surf for city A digital rendering of the Hobie Alter Memorial Park Bridge mosaics, so each panel is actually a combination fused and Designed as an of outdoor cast cultural glass. center celebrating Jost the surf sculptures the proposed city’s rich history, of the the three centerpiece surfers to celebrate the new im- of the portance of Dana legacy as a park will be a Point’s long-awaited pioneering surf to community, choosing memorial one of surfing’s to depict two pioneers legendary icons of the greatest and inno- sport: Joey Cabell Joyce Hoff- vators, Hobie and Alter, inventor man. arranged to and look of Strategically the foam surfboard like the they Hobie are in the of the foun- Cat wave catamaran. tain’s cascading water, each sculpture The Hobie Alter Memorial was will cast be in fiberglass saturated a bronze and statue with designed bronze dust. to Jost’s by Over one time, of Dana delight, they favorite have begun to artists, patina Point’s local just Lance like bronze. Jost. The memorial will be flanked on both sides by a series of other surf industry tribute statues and Sidebar exhibits #2 including sculptures of Ron Drummond, Mickey New Linear Park Brown Pays Homage Munoz, Bruce and to Hobie Alter Lorrin “Whitey” Harrison; Currently under construction an “Endless Summer” along a stretch of Pacific Coast High- exhibit; and a revolving way exhibition between Del Obispo Street and devoted to local the up-and-coming San Juan Creek Trail, a new linear surfers. park is The underway, with of the opening the intention park is of helping the city of Dana Point yet to be determined, but is reassert its surf identity. Designed expected in or around late as summer 2018. MONARCHBEACHRESORT.COM 33