Monarch Beach Resort Moments Magazine Issue 6 - Page 32

Summer Fun by Randolph Rose in Pines Park, Dana Point In Plain Sight Public art in and around Monarch Beach Resort has never been so abundant, or fun to fi nd. BY JENNIFER PAPPAS YENNIE W SCULPTURES Summer Fun by Randolph Rose in Pines Park, Dana Point The Randolph Rose Collection has been creating bronze statues 32 MONARCHBEACHRESORT.COM using the age-old lost-wax casting method for three generations now. Largely inspired by the team’s own memories of childhood, Austin Rose, son of Randolph “Randy” Rose, says, “We like to create sculptures which celebrate the innocence of childhood and diversity in our community [by portraying activities such as] reading, dancing [and] playing sports, … sculptures that children can relate to and be inspired by.” A serendipitous meeting between the Roses and former Dana Point City Manager Doug Chotkevys at the 2015 ICSC RECon trade show in Las Vegas led to the installation of Summer Fun at Pines Park the following year. The bronze sculp- ture, which depicts a young girl and boy sitting on a log playing with a turtle, certainly fi ts the bill for the family-friendly artwork Chotkevys was eager to bring to the Dana Point community. Symbolically, the mes- sage is straightforward: two children enjoying the simple things in life by interacting with their environment in the purest of ways. Austin elaborates on what it means to his family to create works for public places versus private owners, explaining that they enjoy working with communities because people of all ages love the presence of art in their neighborhoods. “It brings culture, and bridges the gap between younger and older generations,” Austin says. “We also feel that chil- dren are better able to appreciate art ith its nonchalant surfer vibe and friendly coastal atmo- sphere, few would guess that Dana Point is also a mecca of public artworks, but scattered between the Pacifi c and the hillsides is a prolifer- ation of sculptures, murals and mosaics, all hidden in plain sight. With various styles, plus inspira- tion derived from both the historical and the imaginative, there’s a little something for everyone, as long as you know where to look.