Monarch Beach Resort Moments Magazine Issue 6 - Page 29

HOST OF HOSPITALITY When Dale Montieth retired and moved to California, he was satis- fied with where he was living but was soon eager to get back to work, so he came out of retirement to become a butler at The St. Regis Monarch Beach. “I wasn’t happy being retired and, luckily, I got to go back to work for such a wonderful property,” Montieth says. “It’s great to go into work every day and make people happy a nd see that wonderful view and walk around the gorgeous property … you can’t be unhappy being at Monarch Beach Resort.” As a butler, Montieth worked as a private concierge for guests staying in the resort’s suites. When he worked the morning shift, he would deliver guests their morning coffee as well as juices and pastries, literally on a silver platter, even before showing them to their rooms. Montieth says he liked to get to know his guests, and still does, to help them plan their visits based on the activities they were interested in, and he would help make any reservations for the guests. He would also help unpack and repack guests’ luggage so they could spend as much time as possible enjoying their vacation. “We provided a priceless gift to our guests; we provided the gift of time,” Montieth explains while reminiscing. Dale Montieth works at his favorite spot on the property, AVEO Table + Bar. “It was just wonderful to be able to do simple things like that for the guests.” Though the butler program has since been reimagined (and all of the services are still available), Montieth now works as a host at AVEO Table + Bar, after he transferred to the food and beverage department. His current position has allowed him to bring his career full circle, as he worked in the restaurant industry for 30 years prior to his retirement. Montieth says that he loves his current position so much that AVEO Table + Bar is his favorite spot at the resort, which he attributes to the t STORY TIME Some of the sweetest moments in life are completely unexpected, which is something that Dale Montieth, a host at AVEO Table + Bar and former on-property butler, has learned throughout his career in the hospitality business. One night, when he was still a butler, a guest made one last late-night request for French-pressed, decaffeinated coffee. When he arrived at the suite, an elderly woman, who was at least in her 90s, opened the door. He took the coffee inside and chatted with the elderly woman before asking if he could assist her with anything else. She told him “no,” and then proceeded to give him a $100 tip. “She said, ‘You know, I want you to have this because I’m going to outlive my money and I want someone who is as kind as you to enjoy spending my money,’ ” Montieth recalls. “This lady almost made me cry because she was so sweet in the way that she offered it. … Other times, you get a handshake and someone slips you a gratuity, and you’re grateful for it, but it’s not acknowledged at all. But this lady was so sweet and so open that I just was overcome.” restaurant having “the best view of anywhere on [the] property.” When he was a butler and wasn’t graced with that seaside scenery every day, he says he often ate lunch outside, just to catch a glimpse of it. When dining at the restaurant, his favorite dish is on the breakfast menu: the avocado toast with goat cheese, tomatoes, micro- greens, two eggs or prosciutto and a drizzle of roasted garlic olive oil. When he’s not at work, Montieth loves to travel, with one of his most memorable trips being to Namibia, in southwest Africa, where he flew on a six-seater plane and witnessed what the pilot deemed “a National Geographic special.” The aerial tour consisted of glorious sand dunes; the Skeleton Coast, a part of the desert full of old shipwrecks; what appeared to be a black sand beach, that was actually covered in seals; and a flock of flamingos that flew underneath his plane. In total, he has traveled to all 50 states and 68 foreign countries. But, no matter how far he goes, there is one thing that always brings him home: the dedicated team at Monarch Beach Resort. “I think that those of us who have been at the resort for a long time just take pride in our jobs and are trying to keep up the standards that we had at The St. Regis resort … and I think we’re actually doing it, and that makes me very happy and very proud,” Montieth says. MONARCHBEACHRESORT.COM 29