Monarch Beach Resort Moments Magazine Issue 6 - Page 24

The PGA Jr. League match format comprises a two-person scramble play for a total of nine holes. be a spoke in the wheel of the bigger idea of giving back, we love having more and more kids here.” A FUN FORMULA FOR FAIRWAYS In the spring of 2017, the new pro- gram at Monarch Beach Golf Links was introduced with a soft opening and a preseason league to get the founding participants involved in practice matches. The program at Monarch Beach is open to kids from ages 7 to 13, with teams that comprise players from their respective geographical areas. The PGA Jr. League format mixes boys and girls together in scramble play for nine-hole matches in an inclusive environment that fosters education with friendly competition. This combination of having fun and making friends while learning the game wasn’t enough to sup- port just one Monarch Beach Golf Links’ PGA Jr. League team. “We have 21 kids now, and are actually forming two teams,” says Brandon Delgado, PGA director of golf operations at Monarch Beach Golf Links and director of junior golf development. “Originally, we’d just planned on the one team, but there was just so much interest from kids and parents in the area that we 24 MONARCHBEACHRESORT.COM created our second team.” Working with the kids alongside golf instructor Seth Glasco, the two coaches practice with the players from both teams every Friday, with matches played on Sunday after- noons for one team and Monday afternoons for the other. “We always try and make it fun, with some friendly competition between players during the practices,” Delgado says. “[These include] put- ting and short game competitions, to keep the kids engaged.” The PGA Jr. League match format was designed to provide par- ticipants with the harmonious ingre- dients of learning and laughing. “It’s a really cool format because most of these kids are new to the game. They play a two-person scramble with three, three-hole matches,” Delgado explains. “Two kids will be on a team, and whomever hits the best shot is the [player whose] ball they’ll use, with the other player picking up their ball. Each hole is worth a point, and if they win two of the Team members gain strong sportsmanship skills by working together on the golf course.