Monarch Beach Resort Moments Magazine Issue 6 - Page 13

energized,” Briar notes. “Everyone is having so much fun being playful together [and] genuine feelings of friendliness are generated.” (949- 376-1939; GLOW-IN-THE-DARK YOGA For a more intense option, head up to Los Angeles, where The Bridge Mind Body Movement offers a glow- in-the-dark Buti yoga, filled with tribal dance, primal movements, cardio and plyometrics in addition to yoga poses on the last Friday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Instructor Theresa Lee says that participants are able to get out of their heads, let go and surrender to their practice once the lights turn off. Before getting started, the black lights are switched on and guests help paint each other with glow-in-the-dark body paint. Then, the class gets underway. “It is an experience,” Lee explains. “It is not just about going to class to work out; you get to be like a kid again and get out of your comfort zone and just be silly.” (213-537-0159; DOG YOGA Bond with your pet during this unique yoga session that brings new meaning to the Downward-Facing Dog position. “Instead of leaving the dog at home while you go to yoga class, we incorporate them in the class,” says Dawn Celapino, owner of San Diego-based Leash Your Fitness. Upon arrival, the group takes the dogs on a short walk to get some energy out, providing their human counterparts time to warm up and stretch. Then, head back for a yoga experience that will leave you feeling lighter and happier after working on your posture and breath work. During the class, dogs are encouraged to sit quietly near their owners’ mats. Then, at the end of the session, each participant gives their dog a massage. “Our dogs read our energy so if we are calm, our dogs will follow,” Celapino explains. (619-822-3296; PERFECTING YOUR ASANAS TRAVEL YOGA IndoBoard yoga mimics paddleboard yoga, without the risk of getting wet. The immersive visual experiences at Earth’s Power Yoga in Los Angeles are unrivaled in beauty. Founder Steven Metz says, “Yogascape classes are vigorous classes that are often set to a theme. … Because I create them, I make each one specifically custom to that experience.” The only class of its kind in Southern California, the studio’s Yogascape sessions allow yogis to get away with sights and sounds of various travel destinations via projections of scenes from deserts, shorelines and beyond on the room’s walls. “The environ- ment adds a very visual element to the classes,” Metz explains. “They are beautiful.” (323-655-9642; There’s no need to leave your pup at home with this dog-friendly workout. These Miraval Life in Balance Spa classes will help you practice your poses without having to leave the resort. Aerial Yoga: Use silk mate- rial suspended from the ceil- ing to discover a thrilling new way to complete your yoga workout; it’s said to lengthen muscles, relieve tension and improve agility. BOGA Yoga: Stability and balance are key during this Vinyasa-style class, which takes place on special boards on the water in the spa pool. Full Moon Yoga: This dona- tion-based class features out- door meditation and gentle yoga set to soft music and candlelight under the full moon’s natural radiance. IndoBoard Yoga: Perfect your balance and strengthen your core by practicing yoga positions on an IndoBoard, a wooden board that sits atop two or three inflatable discs to create an unstable foun- dation that can be adjusted based on experience level. Sunrise Beach Yoga: Accompanied by a breeze off the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing on the sand, this relaxing morning class will ease you into the day. MONARCHBEACHRESORT.COM 13