Monarch Beach Resort Moments Magazine Issue 6 - Page 11

T he Nutella Crunch French Toast on the brunch menu at AVEO Table + Bar takes a step away from the traditionally Mediterranean selections to offer some- thing truly over-the-top. “We wanted to do something a little crazy,” says Collin Thornton, executive chef at Monarch Beach Resort. “We do a lot of healthy [food] here; there’s a lot more emphasis on … clean eating and keeping the calorie count down, but sometimes you need to throw away the book and go for it.” With the perfect blend of fl avors (sweetness from various elements like the Nutella spread as well as the maple butter and syrup, fruitiness from the banana topping and saltiness from the hazelnuts) plus the palate-pleasing contrast of smooth and crunchy textures, this dish is certainly worth the sugar rush. Thornton shared his creation on the “Home & Family” show in January, during which he prepared the dish to demon- strate just how easy it is to make at home. Of course, the now- famous version served at the resort is a must-try, and guests have been seeking it out for that very reason. But, once the vacation is over and you’re still craving this sweet treat, you can turn to this recipe to re-create the magic in your own kitchen. RECIPE Nutella Crunch French Toast Yields 4 portions (1 portion serves 2 to 4 people) 3 eggs 2 cups milk 1 pinch cinnamon 2 cups plain corn fl akes ¼ cup Nutella spread 8 pieces Texas Toast bread 2 tablespoons extra-light cooking oil 4 bananas, sliced 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons whole butter, diced 1 cup Mount Gay Black Barrel rum ¼ cup hazelnuts, toasted Powdered sugar, to taste In a medium-sized bowl, combine and whisk eggs, milk and cinnamon to make an egg wash. Pour egg wash into a fl at, square dish, then pour corn fl akes into a similar dish and set both aside. Spread Nutella on one side of each slice of bread. Dip bread in the egg wash, drip off any excess and lay in corn fl akes on one side then fl ip to opposite side, pressing gently. Add cooking oil to a preheated, nonstick pan over medium-high heat. Place bread into the pan and cook until brown (about 2 minutes on each side). Remove bread from the pan, and plate. Sauté bananas in a preheated, nonstick pan on high heat and caramelize using brown sugar and butter. Remove pan from the stove before igniting, as a safety precaution, then add rum and fl ambé until alcohol has evaporated. Top bread with banana fl ambé, then fi nish by garnishing with hazelnuts and powdered sugar. MONARCHBEACHRESORT.COM 11