Monaco Today Issue #01 - Page 146

SPORTEL AWARDS Racing driver Alain Pro st, Pier manager of the Fren re Casiraghi, ch nat ion al football team Didier Deschamps Track and field sprinter Christine Arron, swimmer Alain Bernard, boxer Maïva Hamadouche, Pierre Casiraghi, freestyle skier Kevin Rolland Gorgl, Skier Elisabeth Harras musician Chris rgia Garinos, of Estee Lauder Gio The vice-president ann, fencer Britta Heidem Pierre Casiraghi, Isinbayeva, pole vaulter Yelena rie Nicolas, Secretary General , handball player Vale mittee Monaco Yvette Lambin-Berti Com Cisse of the Olympic Taekwondo Cheick ion mp Cha ic mp Oly Racing driver Mika Häkkinen with partner Markéta Remešová Olympic Taekwondo medalist Marlene Harnois Event Venue SPORTEL AWARDS Dates Grimaldi Forum October 2019 One of the most significan t events in the world’s sports media industry wa s held in the Principality for the 30th time. All spo rts and their best images. Known as the Golden Po dium Awards, the trophies were presented for the be st sports segments of the season produced by television and production companies from all over the world. Special prizes were also awarded, includ ing achievements, this year aw the prize for special arded to the legendary Formula 1 racer Alain Pro st.