Mommy's Time Out Magazine October Issue - Page 15

Kid's Book Club


This is one of our favorite books, and it has been read many, many times in our household. It is appropriate for toddlers though to school age children and helps pass along a great message. With such colorful illustrations, it is sure to keep your child's attention as you read to them.

Limu was different than all the other Hawaiian sea turtles - he was blue! But while other turtles made fun of him, Limu still had fun growing up in the sea, bodysurfing the big waves, laughing with seals and making friends big and small. Follow Limu’s adventures, as he discovers that no matter what he looks like on the outside, others like him because of the good turtle he is on the inside.

A fun activity you can do with your children to demonstrate acceptance of differences is to help your child "fill your friends' buckets". Encourage your children to think about classmates, family members, or someone else in their life and what unique quality they have that your child likes about them. Have them give the note to these individuals and let them see how they made someone feel special.

Another idea would be to do that same activity with a

group of friends. Have each child create a turtle from construction paper and a paper bowl. They will use notes from

each friend, written on small construction paper

squares to build their shell. Have each child write

one thing they like about each friend and then pass

them out to the friends to read. They can then paste

the squares their friends have written about them onto their own turtle craft! A simple reminder that they are loved.