Mommy's Time Out Magazine October Issue - Page 12

Fall Skin Care

- Maria Tindal, MPAS,PA-C

Dermatology Physician Assistant

Now that fall is officially here, everybody keep your cool — I’ll teach you how to keep that glow once the humidity in the air has lifted. Even if you’re a hide-from-the-sun, dedicated to sunscreen member of society, you can still get that “glow” that’s so famously associated with living in Florida. As a Dermatology Physician Assistant who grew up in Sarasota I’ve had a little time to figure this out. Here are some tips you can count on to retain a more healthy (and safe) glow throughout the non-summer months.

Sun damage 101

Since most of the damage is done in the first twenty years of our lives it’s important to protect your skin early. Sun exposure depletes collagen which is the glue-like substance that supports and connects tissues. It is also responsible for firmness and elasticity. The sun makes collagen break down, damaging its suppleness resulting in early aging.

What’s your sunscreen strategy?

Sunscreen should be worn on a daily basis - even for the casual activity of walking to and from your car. The sun damage adds up! Conventional sunscreens only protect against surface, sun-burning UVB light. To protect the deeper skin layers vulnerable to photo-aging (caused by UVA exposure), you need a broad spectrum sunscreen in your skincare regimen. Look for one with a minimum SPF of 30 and remember to reapply every 2 to 3 hours. If you’re looking for a great product for the kiddos Blue

Lizard Baby and Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus SPF 30 Cool 'n Fabulous Disappearing Color Lotion are two of my favorites!


Sure, an alligator sighting is pretty neat (from afar)) but who wants skin like that? If your skin is dull and rough from a summer of outdoor activities even the most advanced moisturizer won’t help because your skin’s surface is covered in dry, dead skin cells. Exfoliating two to three times a week at home will help to reveal smooth skin and improve the absorption of skin products.

Don’t forget those feet

If you happen upon my shoe closet you are guaranteed to find sandals in a healthy variety of styles and colors. I mean c’mon… boots in Florida? The downside to a fabulous sandal collection? Dry, rough feet by the end of the summer. Restore and rejuvenate your tired toes with a foot wrap such as Baby Foot, which contains natural products like fruit acid to exfoliate the thickened skin. Too scared to try a peel?