Mommy's Time Out Magazine November Issue - Page 17

am paranoid about Lauren catching her germs. We do a lot of hand washing around here. It seems to be working so far!

Thank you again for your continued support!!




We have had a rather eventful October & it doesn't seem to be slowing down but this momma is tired. We kicked it off with Brady getting strep throat & then croup (at the same time). Thankfully McKinley was already on an antibiotic for a cough she just couldn't kick so they tried to see if an antibiotic would help & fortunately because of that she was covered from getting strep. Mid October we had a clinic appt for chemo & a routine (Lumbar Puncture) surgery. It was an exhausting stressful day because she didn't make counts to continue with her oral chemo (what she takes daily) & I hate when she has to be placed on chemo hold. It means no school, no indoors around kiddos & just being very extra careful about germs. After her chemo drip we went down to pre op. Her sugars crashed when we were waiting & she was placed immediately on an iv drip & the anesthesiologist also came & gave her a push (directly into her port) of sugar. It was a very scary day. This was her 15th time going through a surgery like this & this had never happened before so it definitely caught me off guard. Her procedure went well & by the end her glucose levels came WAY up so clearly the sugar worked. She had a rough few days after that & then this past Mon night (well Tuesday very early morning) she got a fever. Ugh. This whole new life obviously isn't one anyone would desire but put a fever on top of it all & it's just that much more stressful & complicated. We got home from the ER at 6am Tuesday Oct 25th morning & her fever is still spiking. If it continues will head back to the ER again at 3am to receive more antibiotic. The one that is given is only providing 24 hr coverage so we have to go back every 24 hours until the fever finally breaks. The good news that came out of the ER visit is her counts were high enough to go home & not be admitted & that also meant she could restart her oral chemo on 50% dosing. Praying this fever breaks so she can enjoy Halloween & the festivities this weekend. She's SO excited to wear her Rapunzel costume and she so deserves too! Thank you all for your continued kind words & prayers.