Mommy's Time Out Magazine November Issue - Page 14

breathing, which affects the position of the tongue. An untreated crossbite can lead to enamel wear, loose teeth, receding gums, facial asymmetry and a condition called TMJ, which can cause headaches, lockjaw and neck and shoulder pain. OPEN BITE An open bite is when the top teeth do not touch the bottom teeth, even when the mouth is closed. Open bites are often caused by extended pacifier or bottle use or prolonged thumb-sucking. In addition to affecting the child’s smile, an open bite can also cause a lisp when speaking. If your child displays any of the above issues, had early or late loss of baby teeth, has difficulty chewing or biting, has a speech impediment, shifts her jaw when she closes her mouth, breathes through her mouth, or if you have other concerns about your her teeth or jaw development, your child may greatly benefit from early orthodontic treatment. Another possible benefit of early treatment – at a young age your child is more likely to view braces with excitement instead of angst!