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super scientist

science experiment: Crystal Suncatchers

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What you need:

-Epsom Salt

-Clear Recycled Plastic Lids


-Empty Jar

-Bowl or glass measuring cup


-Microwave (optional)





1. Measure You will be using a ratio of 1:1 water to Epsom Salt for this project. Add 1 cup of Epsom salt to an empty glass jar.

2. Heat the Water. Add 1 cup of water to a microwave safe bowl. Heat the water in the microwave for 45 seconds. Alternatively use very hot tap water and skip the microwave.

3. Combine Pour the water into the jar with the salt. Do this quickly so that the water is warm. Stir the salt and water for 1-2 minutes to dissolve the salt.

4. Place several plastic lids on a flat-bottomed tray in a sunny location where they can remain undisturbed.

5. Pour off some of the excess liquid from your jar/crystal garden into the recycled plastic lids. Use just enough to cover the bottom of the lid. DON’T OVERFILL!

6. Place your lids in sunny location. Depending on how much liquid has been added it will take a few hours or a day to start crystallizing. I know it will look like lids full of water at first but be patient!

7. When the liquid has completely evaporated your crystal suncatcher is ready! You will be able to see lovely crystal structures from both side of the lid.

8. VERY carefully poke a small hole in the edge of the lid and thread a piece of string through the hole. Tie in a knot and hang your suncatcher up!