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She's Crafty


Get your littlest friends excited about Hanukkah by making a pretty Star of David painting. Making specific shapes can be tricky for toddlers, but this craft makes it easy.

You will need some good-quality paper or canvas, watercolors and water, painters tape, and markers or crayons.

STEP 1: Start by placing the tape: Taping two overlapping triangles to make your Star of David.

STEP 2: Paint! There is no need to worry about lines to stay in or “right” colors to use–there is no wrong way to do this.

Step 3: Let dry for no more than a few hours, or the tape could be tricky to take off. Then . . .

Step 4: Add accents and contrast by outlining the star with a marker or crayon.

If your kids love this craft as much as we do, encourage them to make their own variations! They can use this technique to make holiday cards, gift tags, and even wrapping paper.

Hanukkah Craft For Toddlers (and older kids too)

Adapted from Melissa & Doug's blog