Mommy's Time Out Magazine May 2019 | Page 8


with Heather Caserta



Can't wait to hear if anyone else felt the same about this one!

Book Review: #IMomSoHard by Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley

Kristin and Jen’s #IMomSoHard social media makes me laugh and scream, “YES! They get it!”, so I was over-the-moon excited for this book. I preordered it on Audible, and it just so happened to come out when I’d be driving alone for three hours. It was going to be a delicious treat of three alone hours of “me time,” in which I’d be laughing so hard I’d have to remind myself to focus on my driving, but I was disappointed. I don’t know if it was because I couldn’t see them, their body language, their facial expressions, and their chemistry. It could have been that the book went through so many edits that it felt a little stale, and not quite like them. But, like boxed cookies that have gone soft and I continue to eat them, hoping in vain that the next cookie will still be fresh, I kept listening, and finally finished. It was mildly entertaining, but like pico de gallo when you’re expecting burn-your-tastebuds-off ghost pepper salsa. Meh. Have you read it? Listened to it? What did you think?