Mommy's Time Out Magazine May 2017 | Page 12


The Art of Makeup Contouring

Very few people are blessed with a chiseled jaw-line and naturally highlighted cheek-bones. With the help of the right products and more importantly, right tools and skills, you can enhance your features. It can take years to master the technique and to discover the right products that flawlessly match your skin tone. Here are a few pointers that will help you in understanding the nuances of contouring and highlighting.

Picking the right Highlighters and Shading Creams: The rules of highlighting and contouring are different for different face structures. If you have a round face, contour under the cheekbones so that your jaw will appear to be sharper and if you have a narrow face, shade the top of the forehead and a little around the chin.

Areas to Shade: For defined cheekbones, suck in your cheeks and then apply shade above and below the hollow area. Stop an inch above the corner of your mouth and then blend the shading cream/powder. In order to get a slimmer nose, apply shading cream in the form of two lines, starting from the brows.

Areas to Highlight: Highlighting should never be overdone or you’ll end up looking like a plastic doll. Dab just a little highlighter up and down the cheekbones and on your brow bones. Tap a little on the tip of your nose as well.

Blending: No matter how beautifully you’ve applied the shades and the highlights, if you haven’t blended them properly, they won’t look natural.

Apply the Blush: If you have fair skin, use shades like pink and apricot and if you have dark skin, use soft plum or peach. Apply blush on the apple of your cheeks for a natural look.

Remember that contouring takes practice but once you get the hang of it, you will love it!

Have fun with your makeup.

-Carolyn Presutti