Mommy's Time Out Magazine March 2017 - Page 7

Rainbow Watercolor Raised Salt Paint Shamrock Art
Creating a rainbow watercolor raised salt paint shamrock is an easy art project for kids that only takes a few minutes to set up . Younger children will need assistance creating their shamrock art , while older children will be able to complete this project from start to finish on their own .
Use liquid watercolors and pipettes or paint brushes or a solid watercolor palette with a cup of water and a paint brush . Both are great for fine motor practice and hand-eye coordination . Cardstock ( plain paper is a bit too thin to handle the weight of this project )
Set Up
Allow your child to set up the art project if they are able to . Younger children will need some help .
1 . Print shamrock clover printable on cardstock or draw your own shamrock . 2 . Trace the outline of the shamrock with white glue . Fill the shamrock clover with glue art or leave blank . 3 . Cover glue with salt . 4 . Shake off the excess salt .
Working on a cookie tray is an easy way to keep the salt from going all over the place . Save the salt that you shake off to make another raised salt painting .
1 . Demonstrate how to use a pipette or a paint brush to apply watercolor paint to the salt that is now stuck to the lines of glue . When using a watercolor pallet apply the paint by touching the brush to the raised salt shamrock . Don ’ t forget that you will need a cup of water if you choose this option . When using a pipette drop a small amount of color onto the raised salt . Either way is a great fine motor activity to develop the hand .
2 . Invite children to apply a rainbow of colors to the raised salt shamrock using a pipette or paint brush .