Mommy's Time Out Magazine March 2017 - Page 12


Let’s Talk About Your Face

What does facial shape have to do with your haircut?……..everything!

There are many haircuts trending today but there are a select few that you can wear that are the most flattering, and if you come prepared to your next hair appointment; you will not be disappointed.

Types of facial shapes are: Round, square, oval, long and heart shaped.

Let’s explore these in more detail, shall we?

Round: Many women with round faces want to camouflage the roundness, rather than highlight it. A great hairstyle on a round face is to create the illusion of length instead of roundness. Long hair is gorgeous on round faces because it lengthens the face. If you have a round face, your best cuts will fall a few inches below the chin and longer.

Square: Long bobs are great on a square face, as long as they are soft and layered. Avoid a sharp, blunt bob that hits right at your chin; this will only accentuate your jaw, making the boxiness more apparent.

Oval: If you have an oval face shape, you’ve landed the most versatile shape. You can wear almost any hairstyle. No matter the length of your cut, you’ll look best with layers near your cheekbones, lips or chin. Basically whichever feature you want to highlight.

Long: The most flattering haircut ever on a long face shape is shoulder-length. It's the perfect length (somewhere between chin and shoulders). Your goal is to create width. Think about cutting some bangs. Bangs make your face appear shorter because they cover up a particularly large forehead. You can wear anything from blunt bangs to long, side-swept bangs. Chin-length bob haircuts are also ideal for you because they create the illusion of width.

Heart-shaped: Heart-shaped faces are wider on top, which can look a bit top heavy. You can balance out the face with long, side-swept bangs. Pixie hairstyles look great on heart-shaped faces. Not everyone can get away with a pixie. The cut can make a square shaped face look squarer and a long face look even more oblong. So if you have a heart-shaped face, you pretty much own the pixie cut.

So next time your see your hairdresser, come prepared and present them with your ideas. Try something new for spring. Enjoy!

-Carolyn Presutti