Mommy's Time Out Magazine March 2017 - Page 10


In "Heartprints" by P.K. Hallinan, there are many different acts of kindness illustrated by the characters and surrounding each act of kindness are lots of heartprints. The characters demonstrate different ways to be kind and learn that when you help others, you’re not only kind, but you also leave heartprints along the way. This is a great book to not only teach kindness, but for kids to understand what kindness feels like. This book shows how being kind and sharing with others can change someone’s mood and make you feel good also.

Activity to go with the book:

Create a kindness poster and label it “How many heartprints will _____ (insert your child’s name)___ leave?” Cut out construction paper hearts and anytime you catch your child being kind write how they were kind and have them tape it to the poster. If you have older children cut out hearts for them to hand out when they catch someone being kind.

-Rachel Hibbert