Mommy's Time Out Magazine June 2020 | Page 7



"Gardening and working on the yard! I was able to get a workout digging out weeds and laying mulch, planting flowers and plants, be outside and it needed a ton of TLC since we moved in to the house. My kids were able to play outside while I worked." ~ Stephanie Ziskal

"Lots of board games. Uno and Sorry many times a week.

Cleaned and organized my garage and pantry

Able to spend two weeks at the beach while school was technically still on, because of distance learning." ~ Shelly Bishop

"A different appreciation of staying home with my kids. We don’t realize when they’re little how fast the time goes until they are teens and then they are off and running and then it’s woulda, shoulda, coulda. I love this time with them! I know soon enough they will be flying again but for now, I’ll take it!" ~ Tracy Fox

"The relationship that has blossomed between my 3 and 5 year old! They have learned to play together, since that’s all they have right now. And of course family time- my husband has not been traveling for work like he was before, so we have a lot of quality time together we would have missed otherwise." ~ Jill Wallace

"My husband has been home with us for the longest stretch in the last 4 years! It’s pretty awesome to be a family of 4, actually living under the same roof." ~ Carey Yaruss Sanders

"We have loved the quality family time with my husband home! From bike rides, to game nights, lunches and dinner on the patio to long drives... no where to rush to and no appointments to go to! We have loved every minute! " ~ Lindsay Weeks Milner

"I learned how to be productive around the house while having kids at home. I used to think I needed the kids at school in order to really clean or organize around the house. I can now be with them and do what I need to do at the same time." ~ Danielle McQuillan Natowski

"No work travel keeping both my hubs and I home these past 2 months... otherwise he would have been gone every other week!" ~ Bianca Martorella

"I’ve learned to go with the flow more! We are usually extremely structured and scheduled but with nowhere to go and no commitments besides a flexible school schedule, we were able to just chill. Lazy mornings in pajamas, later nights playing board games. It’s going to be a rude awakening when the structure of a regular school day and hectic life starts again!" ~ Jill Bennett