Mommy's Time Out Magazine June 2020 - Page 6




We asked the Mom's Group:

What's been your "Silver Lining" of your time spent quarantining or social distancing?

"The amount of home projects we have been able to give attention to has been such a silver lining. We built a home gym in the garage, organized closets and the garage, designed an outdoor kitchen, and built a built in breakfast nook. My husband and I are bonding while creating our dream home and we finally have the time to do it. I've also learned that homeschooling is not for us. We will happily be returning in the fall" ~ Kristi Lavenduski

"My teen daughter learning her Mom is smart in Math and her teacher telling her so! Never ever stopped working as hard to help folks with their SBA loans, home purchases, on-line tutoring and placement of 5 college graduates in professional positions, helping 5 college students get paid internships and missing my Mom and managing investment portfolios.

Hearing my Mom say to me (in all her Alzheimer’s glory locked in a facility). Daughter you go forth and help others. God has me good here and I love you!" ~ Renee Martone-Cecil

"Family time from daily walks and bike rides to eating almost every single meal together! We have really found our new normal and I don't want it to end!" ~ Chrystean Scholz

"We’ve eaten dinner together almost every single night" ~ Susan Meredith Meyers

"More quality time with my daughter. She just finished up 2nd grade and over the past few years although I love watching her grow more independent, at the same time I miss having as much time with her. It's always so busy with school, activities, etc. It's been really nice to have lots of time to enjoy together whether we are playing a board game or snuggling and chatting, trying to soak in these moments." ~ Tara Sambuca-Duarte

"Time for more yoga. On demand. Seeing my daughter become super close with her two cousins (my sisters' daughters). Virtually. Running more with Coco." ~ Dabney Moncher

"I have loved having more time for exercise. Also, we started doing family bike rides every night after dinner which has been fantastic for all of us."~ Melanie Capoot Martin