Mommy's Time Out Magazine June 2019 - Page 3




A Note From Your Outgoing President-

It’s with mixed emotions that I get to write my farewell to my beloved Moms Group. I will of course still be around and be partying it up with all my friends (you all), but I don’t have to wear the hat of “president” any longer. Luckily you will have an even more amazing president coming up! The best party planner and friend, Alison Clough. I know you will all be in loving hands and that makes my heart happy.

As my last newsletter contribution I would like to urge everyone TO GET MORE INVOLVED! <3 Take on board positions, volunteer to organize events, volunteer when they need meals, anything! :) The success of this group rests in all of your capable hands. We are at an all time low in volunteers, and I get it, life is sooooo darn busy! But let me tell you why you should participate, because this group of women are AMAZING. I needed friends when I moved here, and I found them easily because of this group. When I need any piece of advice, someone is ready to give it to me. When I need a random toy because my son has an obsession with something for 5 seconds, someone is here to lend it to me. This group couldn’t be any more special. This does not happen everywhere. So it is with a full heart that I ask that you all get more involved and that I thank you all for being a part of this amazing group of women. I love where I live because of this group and the sense of community I have here in Lakewood Ranch. And with that, I say Goodbye! Signing Out. Love to you all!