Mommy's Time Out Magazine June 2019 - Page 16






Do you know that Juice Plus has the largest children’s health study in the world! Over 1.5 million children are part of this study which gives children FREE Juice Plus for four years!

Why do we offer free Juice Plus for four years? This wellness initiative was designed to inspire healthy living at home and empower families to make simple and affordable lifestyle changes that will propel them forward on their journey to better health.

Children Health Study Survey Results:

60% of children were missing fewer days of school

66% were visiting doctors less

56% were taking fewer over the counter and/or prescription drugs

71% were consuming less fast food and soft drinks

71% were drinking more water

61% were eating more fruits and vegetables

How do you get started? When an adult takes Juice Plus capsules or gummys, he/she can sponsor one child to receive it for free. The adult can be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or any adult in that child’s life.

Which children qualify for free Juice Plus? Children from ages 4 through college can receive it free when sponsored by an adult.

My Experience: Juice Plus was introduced to me when my children were constantly getting sick. I immediately recognized the benefits of adding more fruits and vegetables into our diets. The Children’s Health Study was an affordable way to start my family on our health journey. My husband and I each sponsor one of my daughters. Since starting Juice Plus, we rarely visit the doctor or take medicine. The kids crave fruits and veggies because it is getting into their bodies daily. My older daughter stopped taking iron medicine. My younger daughter is a picky eater. I now have peace of mind that she is intaking over 30 fruits and vegetables per day. My husband is not sick all winter from traveling on an airplane. Last, as a busy mom, I now have more energy! I speak from the heart when I say that this source of nutrition has been a game changer for us. -Linda

For more information, please contact Linda ([email protected]) or Rebecca ([email protected]).