Mommy's Time Out Magazine June 2018 - Page 8

Paper Plate Seashell

You will need:

A paper plate




Single hole punch


Glitter (optional)

How to:

1. Line your work area with some old newspapers

2.Cut the paper plate in a sea shell shape. You can optionally draw an outline and ask your child to cut along the outline.

3. Using a sponge brush, dab different colors over the paper plate cut outs. Let the kids have fun .

4 .Once Dry, use a hole punch to punch four or fives holes closer to each other at the bottom and an equal number of holes at the top of the paper plate little farther from each other.

5. Using some yarn ask your child to start at the first hole, lace it to the other end, then move to the 2nd hole on topand then bottom again. once all 5 holes are laced, tie the ends together and cut to size.

6. Sprinkle some gold glitter on the top and voila! Your Paper Plate Seashell craft is ready.

with Jaclyn Carrington