Mommy's Time Out Magazine July 2018 - Page 10

4th of July Fireworks

You will need:


Elmer's white glue



How to:

1. First, print off our free firework template on large white cardstock paper.

2. Begin by tracing the fireworks with Elmer’s white glue.

3. Now for one of the fun parts – sprinkle on your salt! Make sure to cover every part of the glue. Pour a generous amount of salt to make sure you don’t miss a spot! You want good coverage for when you paint. Then shake off any excess salt from the page

4. Finally you can paint your fireworks with watercolors! We like to use liquid watercolors as they are easy to use and more vibrant than food coloring, but food coloring would also work.

Then watch the magic! Gently tap on the salt and watch the watercolor spread along the fireworks. We mixed up red & blue only for this craft but any color will work.

with Teryn Daysh