Mommy's Time Out Magazine January 2019 | Page 10

Q-Tip Snowman

Just because we live in Florida doesn’t mean we can’t build a snowman. Gather a few materials and have some Q-Tip painting fun with your littles!

You will need:

White, black and orange paint

Paint tray or thick paper plate

3 Q-Tips

12×18 blue construction paper

3 different sized cups (solo cup, small kids cup, and little shot cup would work)

How to:

1. Pour some white paint into the tray or paper plate.

2. Dip the open part of the large cup into the white paint and press down on the blue construction paper. Dip the medium cup into the white paint and press onto the paper directly over the large white circle you previously made. Dip the small cup in the paint and press on the paper to make the snowman’s head.

3. Wait for the snowman to dry.

4. Give your little one a Q-Tip and dip it into the tray to dab small paint marks inside the snowman, filling the circles.

5. Once the circles are filled, decorate your snowman, we added a scarf, hat, and eyes to ours. Happy Winter!


with Andrea Griffiths