Mommy's Time Out Magazine January 2017 - Page 21

McKinley is finally back on 100% dosage of her chemo medications (it's been a slow but steady climb back up since mid Oct & her hospital stay). She not only performed in her school Christmas program but she LOVED doing it! It was SO amazing to see her being a kid just like all of the others. No fear, no tears (although there may or may not have been a dum dum bribery just in case). She sang her little heart out to Away in the Manger & did all the moves...I definitely teared up a little. {you can check out the video on the Love McKinley FB page}. Just to be cautious I kept her home the last few days of school. All I wanted for Christmas was to be home & healthy & I did not want to spend another holiday in the hospital. That's exactly what we were. Home & healthy. We had a wonderful Christmas & I'm looking forward to a fun family friendly New Year celebration at my parents home on NYE. We will have a lot to celebrate in 2017. As anxious as it makes me to think about "end of treatment" in August, I'm also excited for this to be behind us (maybe not mentally but physically at the very least). McKinley has a lumbar puncture scheduled for Jan 10 (these days are always so stressful & hard on both of us). Long day of no eating/drinking with a three year old who doesn't understand. Lots of waiting around for chemo before the lumbar puncture & then waiting in pre op. Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers. The last one we had was a little rough (when her sugars crashed while we were waiting in pre op) so I'll be on guard for that. I'm hoping her blood counts are exactly where they need to be as well. Thank you (as always) for being such an amazing support system for myself & my sweet girl. Happy Holidays & a Happy & HEALTHY New Year!!!!