Mommy's Time Out Magazine January 2017 - Page 2

What we Floridians consider the Fall comes and goes so quickly. Back to school clothes are bought, then the costume parades start, and it's Thanksgiving before you know it. Soon enough all Holiday decorations are packed up (and that darn elf goes home) and it's time to look ahead to 2017 (and the second half of our Membership year).

2016 was a spectacular year! We've welcomed so many new faces and have had more returning members than ever before. Our Love McKinley Gala was wildly successful, Book Club consistently meets, and Moms Night Out had us constantly looking for larger venues! But, all of that comes second to our primary goal of "helping moms connect”.

Making mom friends that you click with, laugh with, and share your deepest fears with isn't easy, but it's important. Putting yourself out there is tough. It's like high school all over! It's also just as hard to bridge that gap from acquaintance to friend, but it's so rewarding when you do!

While we might not know exactly what the new year will bring, we know there is great potential. Once you win the battle of getting out the door, the possibilities are endless. You can make a play date with the friendly face from Moms night out, join the moms for a stroller walk or volunteer to help out that next event.

2017 will undoubtedly go by in an instant. But while it does, we hope that with this group you'll find others to share a laugh with, lend a hand to, and share the journey we call motherhood with. Let’s start this new year with a friendly smile to a new member and make everyone feel welcome. Your next bestie could be sitting next to you at the next meet up!

Much love,

Jill & Jenn