Mommy's Time Out Magazine January 2017 - Page 18


The Hazards of Using Floaties

By “floaties”, we mean: arm bands, inflatable rings, rafts, noodles, puddle jumpers, etc.

Flotation devices such as these “float” children in a vertical position. Head sticking up, feet hanging down, arms out to the side with legs bicycling to move around the pool. They are learning that this position in the water is how to get air and this inappropriate posture is what they will return to if they happen to get into the pool without the flotation device.

A child that plays in floaties will not learn how to maintain their own buoyancy, and will panic quite quickly if they find themselves in the pool without one of these devices, or if one of the arm floats falls off, or the noodle gets away from them, or they fall off the raft or ring… this poor posture caused by flotation devices will likely affect a child’s ability to perform the necessary skills if they lose the flotation device or fall in the water without it.

The scariest part about flotation devices is that children that wear them think they can swim. Young children

simply cannot make the cognitive

connection that the flotation

device is what is allowing them to

breathe and play with their head

sticking up in the pool.

As for our skilled ISR students,

what are the best toys to play with

in the water? First of all, MOM and

DAD! Secondly, sinking toys and

dive toys that will encourage head

down, horizontal postures in the

water. Children from 6 months to

6 years old that do not yet

have ISR Self-Rescue® skills can

visit our website at

to find out more.

Stay safe!