Mommy's Time Out Magazine August 2018 - Page 8


You will need:

Small paper plates (dessert size)

Popsicle Stick or Craft Stick

Green Paper or Foam Paper



Paint (any desired colors for your flowers)

How to:

1. Cut small slits into the parameter of paper plates. Go back through and cut another slit so that the slits connect and you cut out a small piece. This makes your flower petals.

2. Paint craft stick green.

3. Paint the paper plate and allow to dry.

4. Glue craft stick to back of the paper plate as the stem.

5. Cut two leaves from the green paper or foam and glue to either side of the craft stick.

Extended the activity and…

1. Discuss the parts of a flower

2. Work on math skills with your preschooler and count the number of petals on their flowers.

3. Read book about flowers.

4. Plant your own flowers with your child.

with Carolyn Elia