Mommy's Time Out Magazine April 2017 - Page 21

We have been pretty quiet over here which is a VERY good thing! We are still going to clinic every Tuesday & it seems like it will stay that way for the foreseeable future until she is on 100% chemo, off all meds & maintaining counts in the range they want. We have gotten to 100% of one oral chemo & still hovering between 50-75% of another. We got the "ok" to start "stuff" again so I'm slowly (& cautiously) doing that. I'm so fearful of counts crashing & us getting admitted {again} but I also know I can't keep her in a bubble.

She had her second dose of inhaled pentamidine this month & Casey came to see what it was all about. It's interesting that's for sure but nothing the bribery of a ring pop won't get her though. She also had this road rash type scrape on her ankle...{thinking nothing of it but because we have to show the drs everything} I showed her oncologist. Welp, because there's always something going on...she wanted to treat it as MRSA. So they gave us this wound honey to apply daily & McKinley had to soak her foot in 10 min Clorox/bleach footbaths daily for 10 days. Her poor {lack of} immune system is just so slow at healing it took forever but it is finally healed.

We are still tentatively scheduled to "end treatment" in August but this all depends on if any additional chemo holds come up between now & then. I want what is best for her & her future so please pray for clarity for a treatment plan & for her to remain healthy!

We have had a lot going on with Love McKinley, Inc & are ramping up for our annual golf tournament in July! It will be a little different this year as we will have a dinner/auction/dance on the Friday night before the tournament & then golf on Saturday morning. The dinner will be included in the golf pricing. More details to follow!

McKinley has also been involved with a few local charity events & has blown me away with how awesome she has done with having attention on her. She is definitely becoming more independent. ❤️ She has another fundraiser this weekend here in Sarasota (an adorable fashion show) & then another in St. Pete on Friday, April 7 at a "Relay for Life". Thank you all for your continued prayers & support for our sweet strong girl. We truly couldn't get through this without all of you & Him. xoxo