Mommy's Time Out Magazine April 2017 - Page 10


Liam is a little piggy, but he desperately wants to be the Easter Bunny. What an incredible book about accepting who you are, while at the same time following your dreams. Even if you happen to dream of being the Easter Bunny, but you don’t like lettuce, can’t hop, and also happen to be a pig. Liam's parents, even though they don’t quite get his dream to be the Easter Bunny, do understand the importance of telling Liam that they love him just the way he is. The problem is that they think he is just a pig, but Liam thinks that he is a pig who wants to be a rabbit. When Liam realizes that everyone is sure he could never be the Easter Bunny, he is heartbroken. Everyone except Grandma and Grandpa who come to the rescue and help Liam realize he can be whatever he wants to be....even if they have to order a bunny costume online:-)

Something fun to get the littles imaginations working after reading: Print out some photos of your child. Cut-out just your child's face from each photo, and then glue each one on to a blank piece of paper. Have your child draw any costume they want around their picture! If your littles aren't quite old enough yet to draw costumes, you can print out pictures online of anything they could dream of and then just glue your child's photo on all the different printouts....that way your child can see that they truly can be anything they want to be.

Alison Clough