Momentum - The Magazine for Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering Vol. 4 No. 1 Spring 2019 - Page 7

07 Kochersberger has been a flight instructor in gliders since 1988. "As the managing director of a fund for scholarships, we weren't finding motivated students who would benefit from a flight instruction program," Kochersberger said. "IMFLY-N! will help find those inter- ested students who will hopefully become the next generation of aviation pioneers. People are invited to learn more on the IMFLY-N! web site. Acar publications and talks Assistant Pro- fessor Pinar Acar has published the following journal articles since December: P. Acar, "Multi- Scale Computa- tional Modeling of Lightweight Aluminum-Lithium Alloys" Heliyon, in press, 2019. A. Paul, P. Acar, W. Liao, A. Choudhary, V. Sundararaghavan, A. Agrawal, "Microstruc- ture Optimization with Constrained Design Objectives using Machine Learning-Based Feedback-Aware Data-Generation" Compu- tational Materials Science. P. Acar, "Eliminating mesh sensitivities in microstructure design with an adjoint algo- rithm" Finite Elements in Analysis and Design. P. Acar and V. Sundararaghavan, "Do Epistemic Uncertainties Allow for Replacing Microstructural Experiments with Recon- struction Algorithms?" AIAA Journal. P. Acar and V. Sundararaghavan, "Stochastic Design Optimization of Microstructural Fea- tures using Linear Programming for Robust Material Design" AIAA Journal. In addition, Acar was elected to the AIAA Materials Technical Committee; and the ASME Structures and Materials Technical Committee. She chaired "MDO-20: Metamod- eling and Approximation Methods" in AIAA SciTech in January 2019, San Diego. Acar has also given two talks: "Uncertainty Quantification and Stochastic Optimization for Spatially Varying Composite Fiber Paths"; and A Transductive Learning Approach for Identification of Microstruc- ture-Process Linkages" both at AIAA SciTech 2019 in San Diego. "Multi-Scale Computational Design of Materials: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities" at the Mechanical Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon Universi- ty, Pittsburgh, PA. Mahan book released Emeritus Professor Bob Mahan's second book on radiation heat transfer, the Monte Carlo Ray-Trace Meth- od in Radiation Heat Transfer and Applied Optics, was released Feb. 1. The book offers the most modern and up-to-date approach to radiation heat transfer modeling and performance of optical in- struments. The book was jointly released by John Wiley & Sons Ltd., and ASME Press.