Momentum Magazine October 2019 Edition | Page 2

MESSAGE EVENTS Think Outside the Box Each month, I am compelled to draft the “President’s Message” for Momentum, which is generally tied to the theme or key topic of that issue. But for this edition, I was told I could write about “anything you’d like.” First, I compiled a list of recent Chamber programming successes. Then, I praised our number of engaged volunteers and the great things happening in our business community. Then, I thought about how nice it felt to be free from the routine, to be unhindered by tradition or defi ned processes - to truly be open to doing “anything you’d like.” Many of us don’t give ourselves enough time or space in our busy work days to do or think outside the box. My message for all of you this month is to, once in a while, do “anything you like.” I just did! 2 • The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce