Momentum Magazine February 2020 Edition - Page 5

ynda L & m i T Wells AME OUR N S ARE What inspired you to start your business? We love making hard cider! It was America’s go-to drink for a long time and we wanted to keep the tradition going. We started Deep Roots for two reasons: first, we love hard cider and couldn’t find our style of it in the area. Secondly, we were tired of working for others and wanted to go into business for ourselves. What do you like about doing business locally? growing their legacy business is something that the Strauss family strives to do every day, their main goal is to provide top- notch service to their customers. “Our years of experience equal knowledge that benefits our clients,” Strauss said. “Our family has believed from day one that we are looking for partners and return customers. When sitting down with a client, I want to pitch an idea that will help his or her business grow and benefit. We aren’t a huge cor- poration, nor are we a small mom and pop operation. In my opinion, we are just the right size to make sure jobs go through with a detailed eye and personal service.” For more information on Scranton Printing Co., visit We enjoy getting to know other local businesses and creating a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. We all help each other by advertising our businesses. Local businesses keep money flowing in our area. Why did you decide to join the Chamber? We felt that joining The Chamber would help us be part of something bigger than ourselves. It also gives us the chance to further network with other local businesses. Deep Roots Hard Cider Sugar Run, PA Member since 2019 • 5