Momentum Magazine February 2020 Edition - Page 4

Generations of Quality SCRANTON PRINTING BASES 113-YEAR-OLD BUSINESS ON DELIVERING HIGH-END RESULTS If you were to ask Barry Strauss of Scran- ton Printing Co. to describe his family’s business in a few words, he would most likely say “quality, innovation, and knowl- edge.” Now located at 1225 Penn Avenue in Scranton, the 113-year-old business was founded in 1907 by Strauss’s great- grandfather, Nate Strauss, who moved to Scranton from New York City with the intention of starting a newspaper. The elder Strauss quickly realized that there was a need for quality printing locally and the rest is history. “We work hard to produce great print materials for our clients, and work with a wide variety of businesses because of that passion,” Strauss said. “Our clients include health care companies, advertis- ing agencies, universities, and all sorts of businesses from smaller start-ups to large national companies.” While Scranton Printing does produce marketing materials to fit every business 4 • The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce need, they also help with other projects, such as direct mail campaigns, custom boxes, die cutting, and other jobs that other printers may not service. “Evolving as a business is crucial, and it’s important to us to keep up with the times,” Strauss said. “Over the years, we have acquired an impressive amount of custom printing and binding equip- ment, which gives our clients many more options than we would have been able to provide a few decades ago while giv- ing us the tools to create top-of-the-line products.” One way in which Scranton Print- ing has evolved is through offering direct mail ser- vices. It has also recently purchased a local label company, Garney La- bel. They also offer “green products,” which include re- cycled paper stocks, among other things, without sacrificing print quality. “It is important to our business to be as clean as possible while setting a smaller footprint,” Strauss said. “We recycle as much as we can in our facility, whether it be paper, cardboard, plastics, or metals. We are further developing our product capabilities so that Scranton Printing can continue to be environmentally con- scious—the next step consists of green printed materials, such as biodegradable cups, paper straws, and other products.” While ex- panding and