Momentum Magazine April 2019 Edition | Page 4

HOW KIKI GOT ‘FLUSTERED’ Dunmore-based brand puts twist on pantry staple For Kristen “Kiki” Langan, a culinary fluke led to a booming business. “Mustard was always my go-to snack on carrots, because it keeps the more unhealthy options at bay,” she recalled. “I thought to myself, ‘How hard could it be to make?’ and decided to experiment with different recipes, but they all lacked texture.” Langan’s search for that elusive ingredient led her to her kitchen cupboard, where she spotted a can of chickpeas. “Chickpeas don’t have an overwhelming flavor, so I knew their addition wouldn’t take away from the recipe I created,” she said. “The chickpeas have been one of the most notable risks of my mustard- making journey.” Langan’s journey took her from Colorado, where she made her fateful culinary discovery, back home to northeastern Pennsylvania, as well as from giving her product away to friends and family to establishing her own business, with the addition of several new flavors, such as “The OG” (original flavor), “Smokey Peppers Mustard Dip,” and “Taste Bud Terminator.” 4 • The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce “We try to take people on a little flavor journey,” she said. “We want our flavors to excite the palate and give people the opportunity to explore their culinary abilities and use our product in ways that are just as unique as our flavors.” “People have an expectation about what mustard is going to — or should — taste like,” she continued. “Famous last words I hear a lot are, ‘I don’t like mustard.’ Everyone has a preference and I totally respect that, but when someone tastes our mustard, the response is usually, ‘Oh yeah, I can eat that.’ We break the craft mustard mold because we take taste bud expectations, turn them on their heads, and bring something new to people’s plates.” For Langan, it’s the opportunity to introduce people to something new that brings her the most pride in her business. “My greatest joy is seeing people try Kiki’s Flustered Mustard for the first time, seeing their surprise at the flavors or texture and then seeing them smile, that’s what it’s all about,” she said. “When you can bring happiness to someone with something you’ve made, that’s a true privilege.” Kristen “Kiki” Langan, For more information, visit