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Make Some VROOM For A New Car By: Jerica McClain, AMOCO Federal Credit Union The beginning of school is right around the corner! Don’t be the parent with the embarrassing car in the carpool lane. Instead, we’ve got some advice on how you can roll up in a car that both you and your kids will be proud of! Before buying, first consider: • Pre-owned or New? While searching for a car, buying new usually is the more desired route. But, used cars, especially well-maintained cars, can be just as exciting as a new one. Find a financial institution that offers the same low-rate for both new and used cars. • Insurance Costs. The idea of getting a new car (new or used, either one because it’s new to you) means you could forget about other costs, like insurance. The type of car you want or the purpose you want it for (sport, family, etc.) will change your rate. When you have an idea of what car you want to purchase, get an estimate. • Add-ons. Personalizing purchases is all the rage these days.The show car at the entryway of the dealership looks real nice, but the standard version is missing the rims, sound system and custom seats. Before you buy, you have to take in consideration how much the additions will cost you.This also applies to pre-owned cars that you would like to upgrade. • Extended Warranty. You need to ask yourself if it’s worth it. What will it really cover? How often do you plan on driving it? Do you plan on having your car after five years or more? Once you answer these questions, it will help you decide if you should get extra protection. • Pre-Approved? You should’ve already set a budget range. If you get approved before you go to the dealership, you can have a better idea of what your budget will be. • Kid Approved? It is important to get your kids’ approval on the choice of your new car, because after all, they will be dropped off in front of the entire school. More importantly, you need to make sure your car is kid friendly. If you don’t have kids yet and are planning on it, make sure it’s kid safe. • Test Drive. Last but not least, make sure you test drive your potential new car.You want to feel comfortable before you drive off the lot. To make your searching process easier, use the Member Auto Center to research cars, locate preferred local dealers, get auto advice, and much more! Don’t embarrass your kids this school year. Whether it’s to get rid of the hunk of junk, or just for an upgrade, your kids will be happy to be dropped off at the front with your new wheels, just don’t kiss them good-bye. 30 MOMENTUM / September 2016