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Hurricane Disaster Relief Act 2017 Is your business located in one of the blue counties? How was your business disrupted from the hurricanes? Did your business lose power? Could your employees get to work? Were deliveries delayed? Were your sales down? Did you incur additional expenses? Did your location close? Then you may be eligible to earn up to $2,400 for each employee Every business located in disaster area is eligible to receive the hurricane retention tax credit of $2,400 for every employee retained after the hurricane. Hurricane credit is calculated based on the number of days the business was disrupted by the storm and the numbers of days it took to return to significant operations, not just how long the business was closed. Why choose Synergi Partners? Synergi has over 140 years experience with Employment Tax Credits. Synergi develops Operational Impact Analysis based on the facts and circumstances of each individual location. This document will determine when the business returns to at least 90% of significant operations after the hurricane. How does Synergi determine if my business qualifies for a retention credit? To maximize your retention credit, Synergi reviews different areas of the business that affected your operations. These areas include: • Financial Impact • Operational Impact • Physical Impact • Productivity Benchmarks After review, Synergi provides a complementary evaluation to determine the potential credit. in partnership with: When did my business become eligible for a retention credit? On September 29, 2017, President Trump signed into law The Hurricane Disaster Relief Act of 2017 (H.R. 3823 Section 503). It allows businesses that were disrupted after one of the hurricanes with a principal address in the designated hurricane disaster zone eligible to receive up to $2,400 for each employee retained after the hurricane made landfall (Harvey, August 23; Irma, September 4; Maria, September 16). “Success-based” no risk pricing! There is no financial risk or upfront costs. A contingency fee is due to Synergi after we provide an audit ready package to claim the Employee Retention Credit on your business tax return. How do I participate in the Employee Retention Credit program? Contact Synergi Partners at 843-519-0803 and ask for a complimentary review. Contact: Fields Norwood 843.206.9587 MOMENTUM / December 2018 32