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Beauty Business Give Yourself The Gift of COLOR For The Holidays By Becky Sill Owner / Stylist Fantastic Sam's Cut & Color, League City Pkwy Have you noticed how color makes you feel? Color can change your mood when you walk into a room Now that you have identified whether you should wear warm or cool colors and understand why red hair looks and you may not even know why. Color on one person may be so beautiful yet when you wear the same color, you look like a sheet who just saw a ghost. There is a simple explanation. good on your friend but makes you look like a clown, let’s have some fun! To begin, decide how light or dark you want your hair for the holidays. Think about whether you want a dramatic look or something more natural and versatile. Dramatic can still be versatile when paired with the right cut complimenting your facial shape. Secondly, add some tone to your color. Tone can be used to give you a very natural look such as a few sun-kissed highlights around your face or it can deepen your color to really There are only 3 primary colors; red, yellow, and blue. Every other color imaginable is created from these. Think of the ink cartridges in your printer. They come with fancy names like Magenta, Yellow, and Cyan but they are still the only three colors that all of your beautifully colored printouts are derived. Red and yellow are warm colors, blue is cool, and every color falls into one of these two categories. If you have warm skin tones and you wear cool colors, they neutralize each other making you look and feel washed out. The opposite is also true. If you have cool skin tones and you wear warm colors, they will neutralize each other. A quick test to see if you are warm or cool is to hold a piece of gold and silver make a statement. Trust your stylist to talk you through the process of color selection. Being open to suggestions can present possibilities that make you feel better than you ever imagined! If you don’t like a recommendation, you have no obligation to try it. Your stylist won’t be offended. An honest conversation is the only way to achieve your desired results and give you options. When you’re happy, your stylist is happy. jewelry (not at the same time) to your face. If you are warm, the gold will compliment your skin. If you are cool, the silver will compliment your skin. Some people can actually pull off both, however, one or the other is usually dominant. MOMENTUM / December 2018 12