Mohegan Sun January Hotlist - Page 13

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Pineapple Hold ‘ Em

7-Card Stud

A spin on the classic Texas Hold ‘ Em game , players are dealt three down cards in lieu of two .
After the initial round of betting , players must discard one of their hole cards before the flop . All other rules of Hold ‘ Em apply .
Pineapple Hold ‘ Em can be played either high or high-low split . A qualifier of eight-or-better is usually needed to win the low hand in the split game .
Hours of operation :
Sunday – Thursday , 10:00am – 2:00am Last hands called at 1:30am
Friday – Saturday , 10:00am – 4:00am Last hands called at 3:30am
Players are dealt two down cards and one up card , followed by a betting round . Three additional cards are then dealt face up ( with a betting round after each ) before a final down card and a round of betting takes place . The best 5-card hand wins the pot .
The initial action is made by the player with the lowest-ranking up card . On subsequent betting rounds , action is initiated by the highest-ranking card .
In a fixed limit game , if there is an open pair on the fourth card , players have the option of making a bet or raising the higher limit .