Mohegan Sun Hotlist February 2022 V2 | Page 18

THE FAMOUS WHITE CLAM PIE To keep up with a competitor who was selling clams , Pepe originally started selling them on the half-shell as an appetizer . However , he eventually got the idea to put the clams on a pizza , and the famous white clam pie was born ! Still today , all Pepe ’ s locations are adamant about using fresh shucked clams for the pie — if they can ’ t find any , they don ’ t sell it at all !
For many years , Pepe ’ s lived in their two Wooster Street locations in New Haven . However , in 2006 , they began expanding . They came to their location in Fidelia ’ s Market in Mohegan Sun in 2009 . As of today , they are not only located throughout Connecticut , but in New York , Massachusetts and Rhode Island , as well !