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.*;trcfl4'[: Luxaflex 25mm perforated natural Venetian blinds control the sun and glare yet they allow the owner to enjoy the view to the outside, with the security of daytime privacy. The clean lines of the Venetian blind are ideal for use in bathrooms where space is often at a premium. {illt}'ii{L #ii.i'!+l': The built-in braai unit supplied by Home Fires is of outstanding quality and provides hassle-fee home entertainment at its best When installed properly these versatile units will enable you to have great braais indoors regardless of weather conditions and without the smoke usually associated with braais. *Ftr.*tril Fli:i#'i.: The developel Francois Mynhardt Civil handled the complete project management for this home. The company was involved from the very beginning, participating in the initial concept phase as well as co-ordinating the onsite workforce and ensuring quality control and expert workmanship. Francois Mynhardt Civil offers a full turnkey service on site creating homes of distinction. geometric aesthetic of this home's bold design, The effect is one of refreshing trans- parency, while still maintaining the functional role of providing privacy and comfort to the inhabitants, Fufther enhancing the importance of light throughout the design, they adjusted the plans by lifting the roof above the different rooms at different levels, ':*;M€ KOOL ALUTVINIUM (011) 793-3641 HOME F]RES CFNTURION (012) 663-391 1 . '-'**iSF:;.r. This strategic handling of the design results in the northern Iight being drawn into all the rooms creating a free sense of interplay between e):terior and interior spaces. To complementthe sheer, modern ethic of the exterior architecture, the interiors of this home mirrorthe brusque, lean appeal of the fagade. Hi-tech internal finishes such as the sanitary elements in the kitchen, the light flttings and the stainless steel handrails on the stairways contlnue the theme of avantgarde chic which characterises the home. The overall appeal of this distinctly unique interpretation of M ed iterra nea n a rch itectu re lies in its simpliciiy, Simple line and form combine to create a sinuous whole that is neither too spare nor too cluttered appearance. FRANCO 5 t\,lYNHARDT CtVtL 082-5sl -1 5 1 0 in fu PROFESSIONALS: Francois Mynhardt Civil - cvil engineenng CONIACT: Francois Mynhardt Civil developer and project manager 082-ss1 -1 s 1 0, (01 2) 809-0304 Home Fires - frrep aces (01 2) 663-391 1, (012) 998-3146 Kool Aluminium - blinds (01 1) t93-3641, koo jhb@ Pegasus Lighting - i lumination (012) 801-2664,083 367-01 49 pega-hr@ Quantum Carpets - flooring specialists (012) 991 -6467,082 834-089s, 082 7 49-0648 Unique Steel Designs - balustrading 082 891 -3454 SA Horrn wwwsa,za Ou,rrn sepi,/oct 2002 75